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Decor Is Not The WHOLE Plan!

By: Shenette Prevo Teacup Planning & Events | Houston Wedding Planner There are so many details beyond décor when you're planning your wedding (or any event for that matter). When you start planning keep in mind that your wedding is more than swanky clothes, I Do's,  and a sit down dinner. Your wedding is a presentation of you and your spouse, your love, and your future together.  When You Think About A Good Party You've Attended What Do You Remember ?  Is it only the décor? NO! Sure the décor plays a part but I'm willing to bet you mostly remember the great meal, the DJ that kept the party going, and how Uncle Larry danced all night long. You think of the laughter and the good time, right? Now think about a party you went to that wasn't so great. What made you feel that way? Were people still setting up when you arrived? Was the food served late or cold? I bet when you got into your car you were thinking of all the things you could have done or how you would h

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